Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget the Hardwood Floors!

Despite the cold temperature, Spring has officially arrived. So the spring cleaning begins! 

Spring cleaning typically brings to mind thoughts of window washing, drawer and closet clean outs, linen changes and more. For the enthusiastic spring cleaner, furniture and appliances may be moved and every nook and cranny may be scrubbed. 

Spring cleaning is all about freshening up your home so this is a great time to freshen up your floors! One of the best features of hardwood floors is the ability to refinish and bring out the shine. But who wants to deal with all of that hassle when the sun is shining and spring time activities await?

GR Flooring has the solution! The only Long Island company to use Ultra Violet Curing, we can have the entire process completed in one day! Our ultra violet curing technique instantaneously dries the floor allowing you to replace the furniture and rugs immediately. Just one day and your home returns to normal except that now you have gorgeous hardwood floors!

So let GR Flooring be a part of your spring cleaning! Call for an estimate on refinishing your floors with ultra violet curing and free up time to enjoy the spring!

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