Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorating a Baby's Nursery

Our wonderful little addition to the GR Flooring family has us engrossed in the world of all things baby! We thought this would make a perfect opportunity to share some pictures of nurseries decorated with hardwood flooring. 

There are a number of advantages of decorating a child's room with hardwood floors. First is the mess factor. Babies, infants, and toddlers are messy little humans! Everything from biological matter to play doh will eventually wind up on the floor. Hardwood floors will make clean up easier. Also, hardwood floors make it easier and less expensive to change the look of the room as the child grows up. It is easy to go from Winnie the Pooh to Star Wars without worrying about the matching the color of the carpet. Just change or add a throw rug to make the look complete. Here are some cute rooms we found!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating Rooms with Hardwood Floors for the Holidays!

One of the benefits of having hardwood floors is the ease in changing a rooms decor. As the air turns colder and we enjoy the holiday season, many people will be changing up the look of their home.

One way to instantly change the feel of a room, is to change the rugs. Area rugs in warm, deep colors can help a room feel cozy and inviting. Throw rugs in holiday themes can infuse holiday spirit in to the home. Throw pillows and blankets can coordinate with the rugs to complete the easy transformation. 

Here are some pictures of rooms decorated for the holidays to inspire you!