Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things to Do Before the Flooring Crew Arrives

Congratulations! You've decided to install new hardwood flooring or sand and refinish the existing flooring in your home. Here are some things to consider before the GR Flooring crew arrives:

  • Will you live in your home while the work is being done? Consider how much of your living space will be affected. Is it just one room being done or the whole house? Will you be able to access and use the kitchen or should you plan on eating out? Will you have enough space for your family members to sleep? Will you have access to a t.v. and/or a computer for entertainment?
  • Will you work out of your home while the work is being done? Can you work well with noise and activity going on around you?  Will the noise affect your ability to make and receive phone calls or participate in phone conferences?
  • Do you have pets? If so, they will need to be restricted or confined so that they do not enter the work area.  We do not want them getting hurt or damaging the flooring as we work.
  • All furniture will need to be removed from the work area. Be sure to get any items you may need during the process. Clothing, books, laptops, cell phones, chargers, wallets, keys, and any other items you may need. 
  • Have you made arrangements for the crew to be let into the home?

The GR Flooring crews will hang plastic and take every measure to limit the amount of dust and debris in your home. Still, be prepared to do some follow up cleaning. With some forethought and planning, you can limit the inconveniences and enjoy your new flooring!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Water Conditioning Produces Rich, Dense Color on Hardwood Floors

One of the many benefits of hardwood flooring is the ability to sand and refinish it after years of use scratches and dulls it.  If you want a rich, dense color after staining, consider using water conditioning.

Sanding hardwood floors entails going over the surface many times using different grits of paper. This will make the floor smooth, but will close up the grain and make it tight. This matters because it will not allow the stain to soak into the wood. The result is that the stain will sit on top of the wood and much of it will be wiped away.

However, if you use the water conditioning process before staining, it will open up the grain.  Once open, the grain will accept the stain properly and evenly.  The final color will be much richer than if the wood had not been water conditioned and the finish will be stronger.

Ensure that you know exactly what the final color of your floor will be.  Ask to see samples of the stain on water conditioned flooring!

For more information, please call GR Flooring.